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It’s quite commonly known in the SEO world that content is King, but it just can’t be any old content. If you want your website to soar to the top of the search engines, you not only need a lot of good content, you also need content that is optimized for the search engines with carefully selected keywords relating to your industry.

What is SEO Content?

The days are long gone when you could have your web designer stuff your web pages with just keyword Meta tags and actually get good results from doing so. Nowadays your website content should be built from the ground up when it comes to search engine optimization, in other words, know the various keywords you would like to be found under, and create your content around them.

It is an ideal situation if a client comes to us in the early stages of promoting their website because we can start with a clean slate, discuss and research the targeted set of keywords, and go to work building the SEO content with the agreed upon keywords in mind. On the other hand, we do work with many clients that require a makeover, some need some minor tweaking, while others need a total redo of their text, but in either instance, as an SEO content writer, the desired result can still be achieved.

Getting results, and a return on your investment are paramount to the success of your business, and no-one knows this better than us. Getting ranked in the top 10-20 on the major search engines is not achieved just as a result of writing SEO content for your website, but it is a huge component and foundation to your success. Article Writing and Link Building are two other key factors in your efforts to dominate the search engines within your specific industry.

If you are tired of your underperforming website, or are in the process of wanting to launch a new website, give us a call so we can create SEO content that will deliver positive, sustainable, and long-lasting results for your business. Call 678-367-3794 or email us, we look forward to hearing from you and setting your business on the path to success.

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Twitter for Business

Twitter is a simple tool that helps connect businesses more meaningfully with the right audience at the right time.

Businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes are now able to stay connected to their customers. It can be used to quickly share information with people interested in your company, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and other people who care about your business. Customers can use Twitter to tell a company (or anyone else) that they’ve had a great or disappointing experience with your business, offer product ideas, and learn about great offers they’ve selected to be notified of.